How's My Kitty?
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Spooky Entry for June 13, 2008

Spooky came out of the bedroom  talking up a storm when I arrived and escorted me to the kitchen.  I quickly prepared her wet food and while she nibbled away. I also made sure to prepare her water by adding a few ice cubes.  We played on the living room floor for a while.Spooky will plop down on the floor for a few scratchies and then move a couple of feet and plop down on the floor for more - how adorable!. She seems to take great delight in making me crawl around and plop down next to her to give her some more.  After a while she went into her grooming phase and I went in the living room and watered her grass and catnip.  I went back into the bedroom and gave her some scratchies and told her that I had to go, but would be back to see her tomorrow.   Cheers!

2008-06-14 16:21:00 GMT