How's My Kitty?
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Snowflake & Sprinkles, Entry for June 12, 2008
Snowflake and Sprinkles were doing well today.  They seem quite comfortable in there new digs. I think that having the same layout is a plus in there adjustment to their new surroundings.  As usual, Sprinkles couldn't wait for her food and started to tell me as soon as I got in the door.  I made their food first and while they ate I did the rest of the chores.  Afterwards Snowflake and I had some good laser play.  Sprinkles wasn't quite into the laser today.  She came onto the sofa and we snuggled for a while.  She really likes her hands-on time.  She sat on my lap and rolled around for lots of scratchies.  She is so sweet.  Snowflake remains somewhat aloof, but expects to get lots of laser play each visit and will tear around without tiring.  We watched some TV together while Sprinkles continued to get her scratchies and Snowflake had an opportunity to eat uninterrupted by Sprinkles.  I look forward to seeing your sweeties again tomorrow.  Nice view by the way.
2008-06-13 15:29:34 GMT