How's My Kitty?
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Snowball & Patches, Entry for June 12, 2008
Snowballs & Patches are doing well and appear to have a good appetite.  Their bowls where emptied out and their dry food bowl was good and low as well.  Little Patches followed me all around to prepare their meals and do the chores with great interest.  The litter pan looks well, besides a little bit of loose stool everything is normal.  While I was cleaning the litter box, Patches sniffed and sniffed me to make sure I was OK=) "Somebody" had been playing in the water bowl because I found bits of litter in it=) But I refilled it with fresh and cubes of ice.  Today is a very muggy day and the water was warm from the tap, so the ice helped alot.   After the chores, Patches was very playful and even chased a string I had.  She warms up to people well and is very sociable.  Patches, as before stayed under the bed, but I was able to reach in and give  her a little pet. So, all in all everything is good and they seem content and healthy.
2008-06-13 15:27:25 GMT