How's My Kitty?
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SPOOKY, Entry for June 8-9, 2008
Hi there! and I hope you're seeing this with my workaround until the blog is fixed. Spooky's doing just great. He's a really funny little guy. He waits excitedly for his meal, takes a couple bites, then goes to the livingroom and rolls around on his back being as cute as possible. But when I get up to scratch his tummy he hurries to the other side of the table and flops down doing the same thing! And this will go on and on until I give up:) He's been enjoying the laser light alot - but sometimes looses track of it even when I put it right under his nose. Yesterday we sat and watched Gladiator together - well I watched the TV and he watched me - between grooming sessions. I could tell he was comfortable and happy. So all's well.
2008-06-11 01:16:07 GMT