How's My Kitty?
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Ed & Gus, Entry for June 7-8, 2008
Hi there finally, sorry for the delay. Sometimes Yahoo has technical problems with it's blogs. Makes us crazy. Anyway, the boys are doing great so far as I can see. They have both been either in the livingroom when I arrive or come trotting down fast from upstairs as soon as I walk in. They have the sweetest faces and wait "fairly" patiently while I prepare breakfast & dinner. Ed of course is chatting up a storm for me to hurry up while I get the syringe and bowls filled. Then I pick him up and put him on the counter with his plate - and set down a plate for Gus as well. Ed proceeds to absolutely wolf down his portion while I give him his injection - without complaint. Then, once they're finished they give me those looks like "Is that all??" and then they get some treats. That doesn't stop the "starving" looks though.. lol.  After mealtime, Gus will usually follow me upstairs to see what I'm doing, as I tidy up the litter boxes etc - which have been as expected and the vacuum does a good job. But this morning - I noticed they'd left a few presents in the upstairs bath, so had to scrub the little rug a bit and wash it off in the bathtub - leaving it to dry on the side of the tub.  I may just leave it there, even after it dries so they won't use it again. After all that - we sat down and enjoyed the French Open this morning. Will be back for dinner:)
2008-06-08 21:58:26 GMT