How's My Kitty?
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Entry for Harry, June 4-5, 2008

June 4- Harry was doing just great today.  When I arrived Harry was in his closet.  I spent some time laying in front with the soft blue kitty shaped brush and a bag of treats brushing Harry.  He moved to the front of the closet and lounged for a while getting brushed.  I left a trail of 4 or 5 treats in the direction of the hall and waited for him in the living room.  It didn't take Harry long to start moving in my direction.  I sat on the rug and gave Harry a good brushing with the soft brush.  He rolled over on his side and as I brushed his tummy he started to play with the brush.  I switched to the wand with the blue feathers and he really started to play.  In between attacking the wand he would grab his little purple pillow toy with his front paws and kill it with his back claws.  I felt so honored that he was relaxed enough to really play.  Normally he wants his scratchies and will swat at a wand a few times to amuse me, but he really had fun playing vigorously with me and his toys as well.  We played as long as Harry wanted and I gave him another good brushing and some scratchies and we watched a little TV.  What a great visit!

June 5- Harry was doing well today.  When I arrived, Harry was, you guessed it, in his closet.  I gave him scratchies and a few treats and he was having a good time but still reluctant to come out.  I made his tuna and he nibbled a little but reluctant to come out.  I noticed that the kitchen window was open a little and I didn't leave it that way, so I believe that someone was in the apartment today.  I spent some time in front of the closet with the brush and treats and got him to come out far enough that I could close the door.  I went back to the living room and waited.  In a few minutes Harry was heading toward me cautiously responding to every little noise looking from side to side for someone to appear. He paused for a few minutes to eat some tuna.   After a minute or so he relaxed and wanted scratchies and began to play with his blue feathered wand.  Harry chilled for a bit in front of the sofa and came back for more.  We had another good visit.   I am sure that Harry will be happy to have his home all to himself except for his mom  and his cat nanny and so will his cat nanny.

2008-06-08 20:56:16 GMT