How's My Kitty?
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Harry, Entry for June 3, 2008
Harry was having a bad day when I arrived.  When I got off of the elevator and turned to go to the apartment there were tarps covering the hall and painters down next to Harry's apartment.  I found Harry as far back into the closet as he could go and sporting a bad mood.  Since it was tuna day, I tried to get him out with some tuna and a brush.  I put the tuna under his nose and moved it toward the front of the closet.  Harry followed, but when I sat it in front of the closet, Harry declined to come out.  He accepted some brushes, but still wouldn't budge.  There was a knock on the door and the painter wanted to paint the edges of the door and leave it ajar for ten minutes until it dried enough to close the door.  He had just finished doing that to your next door neighbors' door. I put the tuna down in Harry's  food area did my chores and Turned on the TV and sat down until I heard the door close.  I got the soft blue kitty shaped brush and a bag of teats and returned to the closet.  I laid in front of the closet for 30 minutes.  I talked to Harry and brushed Harry occasionally dropping a little treat in his mouth.  Harry relaxed and was really enjoying the attention.  He was enjoying it so much that he wasn't interested in coming out.  So, I overplayed this one.  I got up and brought his tuna back and placed it on the floor opposite the closet and went back to the living room.  About ten minutes later after having eaten 1/3 of his tuna Harry appeared at the entry to the living room.  He cautiously walked up to the chair looking around for any trace of the dreaded painter.  I reached down and gave him some scratchies and moved to the floor with the brush.  He swatted at his wand and accepted some brushing.  He walked around a bit and watched some TV with me, but never went back to his closet.  Harry's such a good boy.
2008-06-04 19:38:11 GMT