How's My Kitty?
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Boo & Belle, Entry for June 2-3, 2008

Well Boo was still MIA on Monday though I searched and searched. However Tuesday, I was determined to find him and FINALLY there he was way back in the closet.  He's so black he's almost impossible to see, but when I just blindly reached my hand all the way back, he let out a little meow! So that was great. I was starting to worry that he was locked in one of the other rooms with the doors shut. So all's well with Boo. Belle on the otherhand now greets me happily at the door and I always find one of her mice floating in a water bowl daily. She loves running after her fuzzy ball up and down the hall and just hanging out with me on the couch, getting pets and watching TV. I did a little extra clean up today as well - and swept most of the litter off the rug in the bedroom, put down some newspapers I swiped from the junk mail bin by the front door, and put the litter box on top of one of the large blue plastic box tops. That should keep things a little neater. Belle was quite entertained by all the activity and seems perfectly fine and relaxed. Cheers!

2008-06-04 19:34:34 GMT