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Pippin & Merry, Entry for June 1, 2008
Well.. :)  When I came in - my only door greeter was Merry! Can you believe that?! My usual pal Pippin was nowhere to be found. So I gave Merry lots of pets and attention for being so brave and then we went in search of Pip. We didn't find him within 10 minutes or so, so I decided to just go about the business of filling up their bowls with S/O, refreshing their water bowls and refilling the filtered water pitcher - when suddenly here he comes into the kitchen out of nowhere! I have to admit he worried me nonetheless because he is usually right at the door when I come in. So I spent a few minutes interogating him .... He seemed to be shaking his head like his ear was bothering him - but after a few minutes that didn't seem to be an issue and he was yawning alot, like he'd just woken up from a nap - so I decided I was just paranoid... ANYway - they're doing great with the new diet. They had finished the lion's share of both bowls of food. So that's good.  After mealtime, Merry headed to his usual spot under the dining room table to watch their wacky nanny toss toys around.  Boy does he know the drill. .. But I did something different today. I tossed the toys from the dining room into the hall instead of from the hall to the livingroom. And you know what? He wasn't buying it. Apparently, it's only interesting if the mice go flying over the chairs the other way... lol.  So that's what we did. And soon - he was off and running:)
2008-06-02 06:13:30 GMT