How's My Kitty?
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Boo & Belle, Entry for May 31- June 1, 2008
Hi Mom & Dad! Sorry for the delay. Server was shut down for upgrades in the middle of yesterday's blogs! Very frustrating.  ANYway - we're doing very well I think. Only - it's Belle who has turned out to be the social one, and Boo is nowhere in sight.  Our first day went like this:  I opened the door carefully, in case anybody wanted to run out - and suddenly saw Belle about 3 feet away - thinking it was probably you coming in. When she realized it wasn't - she started to run back into the livingroom. So I quickly dropped right down on the floor in the hallway and waited - holding out my hand and talking to her  softly. Then,  very slowly she inched over little by little, brave little soul that she is-- and started sniffing and sniffing my hand, my legs, my bag... while I stayed motionless - and Eventually... she rubbed her little head in my palm to allow me to pet her. That's always my cue, that a cat has accepted me as non-threatening and we're going to be OK.  So yea! Then after a few very careful pets and soothing kitty talk we were off and running! It was great because I really don't think it took more than about 15 minutes until  she was putty in my hands:) lol. Then I got up VERY slowly so I wouldn't scare her with my size -and went straight to the food and she followed me!  I noticed that you had several bowls of water - which I don't think we need. So... what I did was empty the large one out and fill it with a mix of kitten chow and Boo's food. Then I put Boo's food in both the small dishes. I think it's more important for Boo to get the right food than Belle - because she's young and strong - and can  probably eat anything and be just fine.  I think the strategy was good because today ( June 1 ) almost all of Boo's food was gone in the small bowls and about 1/2 remained in the mised bowl. So... I think they're eating/ drinking fine. BUT - I have not seen Boo. I cannot find him. We ( that is, me and Belle) have searched and searched but no luck yet. Belle was right at the door to greet me today, without any fear at all and we literally did look for him together... tho she won't let me carry her around for very long:) She's pretty independent. Any idea's where he might be hiding?
2008-06-02 04:12:56 GMT