How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May 31, 2008

I arrived today with a heavy heart on my last visit with Jimmy.  He came running out meowing from the bedroom into the hall when I called his name.  He didn't want me to start my chores.  He plopped down in front of his cat tree and rolled on his side.  I did likewise and we had our first bit of scratchies.  After a while I excused myself and prepared his food.  He ate some while I gathered our toys and brushes etc. and switched on the TV.  We resumed the scratchies with some brushing at the scratching post.  I refreshed the post and Jimmy with some fresh catnip. We did everything on our schedule several times today.  I took the bus to Jimmys' so I wasn't bound by the two hour metered parking as I have been some visits in the past.  Jimmy rested in his tunnel for a while and I kept watch at the opening. I got up off the floor to do my chores and he was out and talking.   Jimmy is content to hang out wherever when I am watching TV or not engaged, but when I move around he is back out following me and wanting to share in the activity or wanting some hands on attention.   I am hoping that he will be more confident around strangers after this experience.  He is a wonderfully sweet cat and I will miss our visits.
2008-06-01 05:26:31 GMT