How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May 30, 2008
Jimmy was doing well today.  He came out from his spare room when I started making his food.  He was talking up a storm like he usually does.  I had to open a new can today and I let him lick the lid.  He liked it and was anxious for me to put the dish on his mat.  While he was munching out I gathered his brushes, wand, treats, cat nip, my phone, turned on the TV and laid every thing out on the coffee table within easy reach of the sofa, mouse ring, and scratching post.  Ready to respond to Jimmies' every whim without having to stop and break the mood.  Our routine is not always in the same order but I try to make each task flow from the one before.  After he was done eating Jimmy came over to the front of the TV and plopped down and rolled over on his side, so this is where he wanted to have his first scratchies.  He moved on to the scratching post and I refreshed it with some new cat nip.  Pretty soon Jimmy was rolling around and playing with my hand, scratching the post and acting like he had just come out of an Amsterdam Coffee House.  We moved on to the mouse ring and we batted that poor mouse back and fourth for a while.  I picked Jimmy up and carried him over to the sofa and placed him beside me for more scratchies and some brushing.  After grooming himself, Jimmy hopped of the sofa and settled in his spare room for a while.  I settled on the floor near the front opening of his tunnel to watch him and we both dozed off for a few minutes.  I got up to do the rest of my chores and Jimmy emerged from his tent to supervise.  After my chores, I laid down beside him and gave him some more scratchies  and when he had settled back inside his tent I made my exit.
2008-06-01 05:25:06 GMT