How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May 29, 2008
Jimmy was doing well today.  We have really gotten into a groove or is

it a rut.  Whatever it is, it is what Jimmy has worked out to be his

most fun things. Today we started out with a long session of scratchies on the sofa. After he left my lap he stopped next to me on the sofa and made bread on the red throw for a while.  I made his wet food and he

munched some down right away and moved on to his scratching post.  We

did  the mouse ring and I brushed him a little in front of the TV. 

Today we watched Kindergarten Cop off and on. He has been finding all

of the greenies that I leave for him before I leave except the one that I placed on top of his scratching pole and his wet food bowl is always

empty when I arrive.  He is always happy to see me and anxious for his

hands on attention and I am happy to have the pleasure of his company..
2008-06-01 05:24:09 GMT