How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May28, 2008
Jimmy was lounging in his spare room when I arrived today.  He came out

 meowing when I called his name.  He hung with me in the kitchen while

prepared his wet food.  After I opened the can I held the lid in front

of him for a few licks, a ritual that I do for my own cat who likes to

get a taste of what he is getting in his bowl.  Jimmy liked it and was

anxious to nibble on his wet food for a while.  This gave me a few

minutes to get organized for our run through our routine.  Jimmy wanted

to have his initial snuggles by the scratching post today and rolled

around so that I would have no problem getting to all the good spots. 

We moved on to the mouse ring and his wand.  I found a Teenage Mutant

Ninja Turtle movie on the TV.  I had seen it several times, but I

didn't know whether Jimmy had.  We played and watched the movie on an

off before Jimmy went into his spare room to chill.  We both fell

asleep for about 20 minutes, Jimmy in his spare room and me sitting on

the sofa.  I woke up and realized that we had both fallen asleep and

got up to do the remainder of the chores.  As soon as I started moving

Jimmy came out meowing for attention.  I finished the chores and

snatched him up for some snuggles while we watched the end of the

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