How's My Kitty?
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Gretchen, Entry for May 25-28, 2008

Hi mom. Just a quick note to let you know all has been as expected. As soon as I walk into the "Lion's Den" Gretchen lets me know that it's "Treat Time Or Else". Very daunting. Very scary. But!  we've been doing this for what - three years now?  I'm kind of starting to talk to myself however when she's  snarling at me and ready to pounce. I say things like " We're doing just fine aren't we sweetie. Everything is just fine... Gretchen is such a good girl" in a very slow and quiet voice - like one might use in a tiger cage when you're about to get ripped to shreds. hahaha. And you know, I think it really confuses her - cause she get's this look on her face like huh?  - for a second. Then I toss her treats into the livingroom which she runs after, then I quickly put down her fresh water, food, toss another treat so I can do the litter - then give her my apologies that I have to run before the party's over. :)  Oh yes, regarding concerns about her upset tummy. We only had one instance of vomit in the hallway today - which as I remember happened sometime before this latest problem. So I'm not terribly worried about it. xx. Will be back soon!

2008-05-30 05:07:09 GMT