How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May 27, 2008
It was hard to tell where Jimmy was lounging when I arrived today because he was already out and crying for attention as soon as he heard me call him from the door.  After his scratch under the chin, I quickly did his food and water.  He ignored his wet food and continued to whine until I swooped him up and headed for the sofa.  As you can tell, we have established a routine to Jimmy's liking and that I am expected to follow.  We did all of our usual things in more or less the usual order.  He played more with his wand today.  We had several separate snuggling sessions in various places in the living room.  We spent more time with each other on the floor doing our routine.  We managed off and on to get through two episodes of Stargate while we snuggled and played.  During the course of our routine, I had repositioned the tunnel in front of the chair with the side door against the chair. He likes to squeeze through the side door and push the back end of the tunnel away from the chair creating a kind of triangular spare room.  As long as I am in the living room with him, he is happy and content to direct our interaction, create his spare room, roam around and meow until I join him in a particular spot.  Then, affter a couple of hours, he is ready for some down time in his spare room or his cat bed in the bedroom and I can say good bye.
2008-05-30 04:33:30 GMT