How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May 26, 2008
** See below for May 25.  May 26th - Jimmy was lounging in his little cat bed in the bed room when I arrived today.  I gave him a little scratchie under the chin and told him that I was off to do my chores.  I knew that he would be out in the living room complaining with his usual string of meows about how I needed to be giving him the attention.  I quickly prepared his wet food and sat it down in front of him on the mat.  It was a new can and he liked it, stopped complaining and munched for a bit giving me enough time to finish his food and water, flip on the TV and move his brushes over to

the coffee table.  We had our usual snuggles on the sofa until he was

satisfied that I had given him enough hands on attention for now. 

Jimmy groomed himself a little and roamed around the living room

picking things for us to do together.  We watched, off and on,two

episodes of the Enterprise Marathon together from different vantage

points in the room.  I broke away to do the litter and distribute some

greenies  while Jimmy settled in for some quiet time under his cat

2008-05-27 20:41:02 GMT