How's My Kitty?
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Siena, Entry for May 25-26, 2008
Siena continues to be doing just fine and is usually asleep in her little bed in the office in the morning or on the diningroom chairs in the PM. I think she likes the large chair in the diningroom as well when I'm gone because I'm always setting the Teddy Bear back up straight everyday:) She's eating a good share of her wet food everyday, and some dry.  I sweep up and tiday up her area everyday so it's pleasant for her and she doesn't have to step on alot of crumbs. The weather was pretty good yesterday and I thought for sure she'd want to go out. I even just left the door open and went about taking care of the litter - but when I got back, I found her contentedly grooming herself by the door and not at all interested in venturing out. Ah well... :)
2008-05-27 20:30:52 GMT