How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May 25-26, 2008
Jimmy and I had another great visit today.  Jimmy was lounging in the

bed room when I arrived.  I popped in to say hi and went about my

chores.  It only took Jimmy a minute and he was out in the living room

meowing like crazy.  He followed me around talking constantly and

inspecting my work.  He even examined the lid of the litter box after

it was removed and gave the box a personal test as soon as it was back

together.  Jimmy followed me over to the sofa and we had a long session of brushing and snuggling.  After he had had enough scratchies he

jumped down and went strait to his scratching post.  After clawing at

the post and rubbing his chin on the catnipped base he wrapped his back

legs around the post and rolled on his back looking up at me, his

little face upside down and his expression saying "see how cute I am".

I was down on the floor in a flash and he received multiple tummy

scratchies for his effort.  He explored his tunnel and roamed the

house, took a nibble of his food and called to me once in a while. He

watched me place some greenies around and accepted a few from my hand

before settling down in that little spare room he had recreated next to

 his tunnel for a nap.  We are having such fun during our visits

2008-05-27 20:25:18 GMT