How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May 23-24, 2008

Fri- Jimmy was doing very well today.  When I arrived Jimmy was in back of the sofa.  I quickly did my chores.  I had no sooner finished the food

and water part, when Jimmy emerged from behind the sofa talking up a

storm.  I swept him up, grabbed his brush and wand, flipped on the TV

and settled on the sofa.  After some snuggling, brushing and scratchies, Jimmy began to play with his wand.  We moved to the floor for more.  Jimmy started to play with the mouse ring.  I laid down on the floor opposite him and we took turns batting the mouse back and fourth to each other.  Jimmy liked to put his paw into the ring to stop the mouse as it came around and would swat it back to me.  This went on for at least 15 minutes. After, Jimmy roamed and talked for a while.  He seemed to be looking for some new places to explore. He watched as I left some greenies around and he nibbled on his food a few times.  We ended today with another round of scratchies and a tummy rub. Sat- Jimmy was doing well today.  He was behind the sofa when I arrived,  I quickly started my chores but was interrupted by the emergence of Jimmy following me around and complaining.  I put his wet food bowl down for  inspection followed by his dry food bowl.  After several approving  sniffs I swept him up and headed for the sofa for our usual scratchies followed by some brushing.  He played with his wand for a while and after a vigorous attack on his scratching post he led me to his mouse ring. We took turns making the mouse run in circles.  Next he pushed his tunnel away from the chair creating an extra room under the throw which he hung out in for a while.  Other than the time spent in his little extra room, Jimmy was out and around the whole visit.  He gets spooked by noises from the hall and thumps from other apartments but recovers quickly.  He has become quite comfortable with me and after a brief time at the start of each visit he emerges from behind where ever he is at just talking up a storm.  I look forward to my visits each day with your sweet little boy.

2008-05-25 15:47:44 GMT