How's My Kitty?
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Timex, Entry for May 22, 2008
Timex still seems to be doing well though he remains very shy and a little hissy until I give him his catnip and treats:) Then I'm not such a bad guy. Good news is that he actually walked out into the kitchen today to see what I'd served for lunch! That was very brave of him. He's REALLY liking the other bowl of water in the large tupperware that I put down for him on the opposite side of the kitchen,  and seems to be drinking out of it almost excusively now because it was almost empty today! The fountain on the other hand was still relatively full - with no sand in it. Not sure where he put all that water though - cause the litter box wasn't particularly full. hmm.. A Timex mystery..
2008-05-23 13:36:54 GMT