How's My Kitty?
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Sheeba & Mambo, Entry for May 22, 2008
Hi there! Your little Rascals were right at the door to greet me today. They are so quick and slippery I always worry about them dashing out and tried to quietly open the door before they ran down. But the key is a little sticky and it took several twists and turns to work - so my plan was foiled. Nevertheless, I put my bag down at kitty level when I came in which got them to back up and be good:) Then we all headed upstairs. They had finished all their breakfast and were very anxious for dinner - though they ended up only taking a few bites before heading out to the livingroom. I didn't see any dry food on the floor, nor did I find a bag in the cupboard, so I'm assuming they're getting only wet food now? We'll need to update our file if so. Let me know if it's stashed somewhere else and I'll set out a bowl in the morning. After mealtime they had a little brushing and ran all around after their toys. Then I put some Greenies in their puzzle box, which kept them very busy while I headed up to take care of the litter. When I left, they were happily pushing around their treat balls:)
2008-05-23 13:28:34 GMT