How's My Kitty?
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Mr. Max Brown, Entry for May 22, 2008
Maxie is doing fine and his usual wacky self. He heard me at the mailbox today and started meowing before I could get the key in the door. Fortunately he's so happy for company, he doesn't try to run out. I scooped him up and asked for my usual kisses on the forehead which is so cute. FYI, he'll only put up with this mushy stuff once, when I first come in. After that it's "No more kisses for you" lol. He wasn't interested in the laser light today - maybe because it was fairly bright in the apt. and he couldn't see it as well. But he did like jumping after the white fuzzy ball and catching it. Such an excellent high jumper and always lands on his feet! Wish he could give little Hobbes a few pointers:)
2008-05-23 13:14:15 GMT