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Hobbes, Entry for May 22, 2008

All continues well in Hobbesland. I just love his squeeky little meow when he's waiting for his meal. He always seems like he's really ready to chow down the way he talks so much, but he'll usually only take a few bites and then ask for some pets and playtime. Hope you don't mind, but I'm giving him a little wet food everyday to give him something to look forward to:) He seems to appreciate it. Today he wasn't much interested in the laser light. He prefered our bird-wand game. The only thing is though that he was jumping so crazy - flying in the air, twisting and turning that once he fell backwards and landed on his back. Sheesh! Just about gave me a heart attack. So, I  toned it down a bit, and we played more "Sneeky-bird" games where the bird will hide around the corners of the ottoman or couch, and he gets to stalk and pounce. After playtime we usually watch a little TV and he gets lots of love and pets - and I get plenty of purrs out of him ... Cheers!

2008-05-23 13:03:50 GMT
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Hobbes can definitely be on the reckless side when it comes to playtime but he seems to be made of rubber...he bounces back quickly! Not to say that we haven't had our scares as well. As a kitten, when we played, he would have no regard for ANY object, living or otherwise. It was not uncommon for him to run headlong into walls! One day I came home from work to find him walking around with his head cocked completely to the side and stumbling around in an almost drunk-like daze. I took him to the vet fearing a concussion. Turns out it was an inner ear infection (no laughing matter either...but...). So I definitely know how he can be. Carry on!!

2008-05-24 05:52:35 GMT