How's My Kitty?
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Kato & Sasha, Entry for May 20-21, 2008
Hi there! Well, all's well and the kitties have been out and about the past two visits. Everybody is sick of sleeping and ready for socializing. That's good. Yesterday was really great because when I came in both the kitties were in their old spots to greet me - with Kato high up on the TV looking down and Sasha on the table. Warmed my heart. I brought dinner stuff for myself on Monday to make quesadilla's and both of them were quite interested in the preparations, with Sasha at my feet and Kato way up on top of the kitchen cabinets - occassionally hopping down for a sniff of cheese. I tried to offer him a taste of the Queso Fresco but he wasn't wild about it. Then we sat down in front of the tube and watched with the kitties sitting on the table transfixed by my eating skills. Isn't it wonderful being the center of attention? Then we had a LONG session of chase the kibble around the livingroom, with Sasha running and Kato supervising from the diningroom table. Tuesday was another good day with both kitties greeting me again in the same spots. Kato was the most sociable today, because Sasha was on a mission in the kitchen to catch something on top of the cabinets. Not sure what it was but it certainly kept her attention. I was listening very carefully praying not to hear the sound of little mouse feet.
2008-05-21 16:33:07 GMT