How's My Kitty?
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Timex, Entry for May 20, 2008
Timex is still holding his own. He was nowhere in sight today when I came in, but after calling his name a few times I turned to see him peeking around the corner at me from the bedroom. He is so cute, I really wish he wasn't so shy. But I'm working on him slowly. Fortunately, once he braves being out from under the bed I have a chance to butter him up with a little catnip. Despite his being a little hissy-face when I get close to him, I undauntingly put a little bit up catnip and a few treats under his nose - which he seems to really appreciate. He'd never admit it to me though:) I did find one hairball by the front door today, but it was normal and he hasn't been vomiting at all near his food or anywhere in the house this time - which I'm VERY happy about.  FYI, remember I told you on the phone I put out an extra bowl of water for him? Well - he now seems to prefer that platic tupperware bowl to his fountain because it's down every visit much more than the fountain is now. Also, I'm not seeing much sand in the fountain anymore. Strange huh? Maybe he prefers his water being a little further away from the food... Well take care. Hope Italy is treating you newlyweds well.  Fortunately there's nothing to worry about here at the moment!
2008-05-21 16:15:31 GMT