How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May 19-20, 2008
Mon. Jimmy was doing well today.  When I arrived, he was in front of the

window by the fish tank.  I moved a dining chair and crawled in to give him his usual scratchies before doing my chores.  He watched me do everything and nibbled some greenies from my hand.  We spent some time on the sofa watching TV before he retired to his nest in the cubicle next to the bed.  I followed him there as well to keep him company.  But I could tell he was contemplating a nap and I was keeping him from it, so I wished him pleasant dreams about our visits and told him that I would be back tomorrow. Tues- Jimmy was no where in sight when I came in today, but I finally discovered him behind the head of the sleigh bed.  I'm not sure how he got there except over the night stand on the left side of  the bed.  I temporarily moved the night stand out a little so that he would be able to hop out on his own.  After that was accomplished we went to the living room for some serious snuggling and some TV.  Jimmy continues to eat well and has found all of the greenies that are left for his nightly hunting sessions:)
2008-05-21 15:59:29 GMT