How's My Kitty?
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HOBBES, Entry for May 19-20, 2008
Hi guys! Hobbes is doing just fine. He's just the funniest cat and I absolutely love looking after him. On Monday, my very first visit he was  laying on the steps right at the door and was  so happy for company - and that's where I found him yesterday as well. It's great to have such a warm greeting each time. Thanks so much for the candies, the note and for having everything so organized. I can tell that Hobbes is truly loved.. Anyway, the little guy puts up with my lovy-dovy stuff for a bit, but he's always anxious to "do" something so that doesn't last long:) He's eating very well and finishing most of his food between visits - but he doesn't eat alot while I'm there. He'll take a couple bites then head to the livingroom for playtime - and he's a fiend for playtime alright and he runs faster than any cat I know. This morning I thought he looked like he was having a little indigestion from running so much after eating, so I've decided to play first, and then feed him - instead of visa versa. He was completely ok and wanted to keep playing but I just slowed it down to a little ball chasing and pets for a bit. So in the evening we played like mad before dinner -  with him tearing from one end of the apt. to the other after the laser light. Then he was chasing his toys which he really got excited about. What I found particularly funny was that when he's happy he comes hopping back toward me like a bunny! It's just the cutest thing! !!
2008-05-21 15:49:13 GMT