How's My Kitty?
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JIMMY, Entry for May 18, 2008
When I arrived today, I found Jimmy in his little bed in the bedroom. 

He looked up and gave me a few little peeps.  He held is ground as I

slowly moved over to him and knelt down.  I started giving him

scratchies under his chin and soon he was rolling around and

positioning himself for more on his tummy.  After a while, I told him

to be a good boy and I would be back for more after I did all my

chores.  I looked back as I exited the room to see him peeking around

the foot of the bed.  As it is a tight fit for me with Jimmy next to

the bed, after my chores I swept him up and carried him to the living

room.  We sat again at the end of the sofa with Jimmy on his red throw

wedged in next to me.  We spent the next hour or so together on the

sofa.  Jimmy was enjoying every minute and had no intentions of moving.

 Jimmy enjoyed endless scratchies and brushing, punctuated with a few

swats at the end of the rainbow wand toy.  He waited for me on his red

throw and watched me place a few mice around the room for him to play

with later.  When I returned he rolled over for a tummy scratch.  It

seems that right now he is more into the quiet companionship that we

have.  He did acknowledge his wand and when he gets used to me moving

about the apartment I am sure he will want us to play as well. Hope you're having a great time. Don't think we have anything to worry about here:) Cheers!
2008-05-19 18:30:44 GMT