How's My Kitty?
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Timex, Entry for May 18, 2008
Your neighbors were having a party on the front porch today with trays of orderves etc. when I arrived and they all were asking if you guys were married yet,  so I rattled off your itinerary, which they were all happy to hear about.  What a great group! Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that your next door neighbor said he is moving and will have the landlord let him in to get one of the videos he lent you.  As for Timex, he again greeted me with his now "very unthreatening" hiss when I came in - But! very soon came out to the kitchen to watch what I was doing! This is good. It's what he did last time after a few visits. I tried to slowly approach him with some treats - but unfortunately that was just TOO much and he scampered into the bedroom. Undaunted - I took a plate of food to him and put it under his nose on the bed.  And very soon after a few sceptical sniffs he started eating:) We're not yet to the point where he will snuggle or play with me, but we're making strides daily. I did a bit of a larger clean up today in his area, sweeping and cleaning out his fountain - so his home is quite respectable:) He does seem to be playing alot in the water because there's bits of sand in it every visit - so I usually with unplug it and clean it up each time.  ANYWAY - I think congratulations are in order today right?????? An Italian wedding has to have been SOOOO romantic... Cheers!  
2008-05-19 06:12:00 GMT