How's My Kitty?
Welcome travelling parents! Check here daily to see what your little ones are up to!
Kato & Sasha, Entry for May 18, 2008
I have to say that the kitties are very comfortable and not at all stressed this trip. When I came in, both of them were in the front bedroom sleeping - only today, Kato had taken over the big gold pillow= guess HE wanted to be Queen for the Day today:)   Then I went out to prepare their lunch, wash dishes, fill up bowls, bring in Sunday's paper and refresh the litter. Kato followed me around, took a couple bites of food but didn't seem starving. After that I headed back to the livingroom and settled in on the couch. Kato followed and hopped up next to me. We ended up watching a Japanese samurai film with Spanish overdubs - I want to always make sure my kitties are intellectually stimulated:) I tried to get Kato to swat at his wands but he wasn't interested and prefered to just hang next to me on the couch.  Sasha never did join us - but was content to nap on the gold bed. She seemed satisfied, so I didn't disturb her. It was a nice peaceful visit again today.
2008-05-19 05:58:53 GMT