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Sweet Betsy & Coco, Entry for May 18, 2008
Well, now that I know not to bother playing before eating - when I came in today we all went straight to the kitchen:) The kitties went through their usual bickering while I prepared their dish but then settled in to take a few bites peacefully when I set the plate down. While they were eating I refreshed the litter and then went out to find them both sitting next to each other on the diningroom table. They were SO cute together I really wished I'd brought a camera. We played a "little" with the yellow feather wand = their favorite - and then I headed out to the  couch to eat the lunch I'd brought.  Soon, Sweet Betsy come hopping out toward me, jumped up on the couch and climbed right up into my lap. Coco soon followed and sat at my feet. I tried to get her to climb up with us - but I think sometimes she a little intimidated by Betsy - which is just so silly considering the fact she only has 3 legs and half an ear.  Guess adversity just makes us all stronger - even Betsy... Anyway, once in my lap however, I could tell little Betsy was more interested in my lunch than anything else. Of course I didn't want her munching on my food so I put everthing back into my sack. What was really funny today though is that I did hold out a french fry for her to sniff and the little rascal actually tried to chomp down on it and eat it!!! I have to tell you I've never seen a cat try to eat a french fry before. hahaha. What a character! But of course I didn't let her eat it because I was afraid it would upset her tummy. She got over the disappointment quickly though and just curled up in my lap and went to sleep. We were all so comfortable I nearly went to sleep myself! But - knowing I had other little souls to care for I eventually had get up and go - but promised I'd be back tomorrow!
2008-05-19 05:39:33 GMT
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Thanks for taking care of our cats! It seems as if they enjoyed your company very much.
2008-05-20 22:36:16 GMT