How's My Kitty?
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Jimmy, Entry for May 17, 2008
Upon my arrival Jimmy was out of sight but I eventually found him hiding behind the toilet. I quietly closed the bathroom door behind me so he couldn't run away and sat down to have a little chat with him. He started to head for the door, but what with it being closed, he settled in front of the sink. Then, I got down next to him and we spent a long time laying side by side on the gray rug, while Jimmy  received lots of scratchies and listened to my quiet conversation.  After a while, he relaxed and started moving his little chin into my hand and rolled over so that I could also get to his  tummy.  We  spent over 20 minutes together until I could feel that he was starting to purr.  I reached up and turned the door knob and opened the door just a crack.  Jimmy noticed but made no move at the door.  Slowly I

opened the door further, but he was content with me on the rug.  After

a while, I made an attempt to become vertical.  Jimmy tolerated this without wishing to leave his spot.    I went to the living room and brought back his wet food placing his dish in front of him. He sniffed and licked his lips but was a bit too shy to eat right then. When I felt he was ready, I enfolded him safely into my arms, carried him to the living room and sat at the end of the sofa, placing Jimmy on the red throw next to me.  He wedged in beside me content to receive more scratchies and a nice brushing., After that we spent a long time next to each other watching TV. Eventually, I had to make my break and move on to my next kitties.  Jimmy watched me get ready from his little red throw on the sofa.  All in all I'd say it was a very successful first visit alone! I think we'll be good friends very soon:)
2008-05-18 16:59:20 GMT