How's My Kitty?
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Ava & Eliza, Entry for May 17, 2008
Perhaps the main thing I need to report today is that the door pad isn't working -  that is, when I press the LOCK button, it doesn't lock. Instead it starts making a long beep until I open the door back up. I tried punching in the code again to "open" and maybe re-setting it - but it didn't work after several tries. So.... I had to leave the door shut firmly - but unlocked, because I don't have a key - only the code.  I'm not too worried about your security or the kitties though because the exterior door is locked and even if the interior door is opened somehow, the kitties still wouldn't be able to get outside. Still... it's a problem to address when you get back. Both kitties are fine, happy and enjoyed their wet food lunch:) Both were very sociable today:)
2008-05-18 05:41:36 GMT