How's My Kitty?
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Cleo & Iona, Entry for May 17, 2008

Another good day today:) When I came in nobody was in sight, so I went about my business getting breakfast/dinner together - being as nonchalant as possible in order to let them come out alone. Eventually Cleo came out and hopped up on the window sill looking out.. I can't help but think she's looking for mum and dad.. and I feel bad. So I had a long talk with her, gave her lots of pets and brushes which she really likes and seems comforting to her. After that, in the morning, I went in search of Iona who was under the bed again. So I brought a little dish of food to her as a peace offering and walked away. But soon, I peaked around the corner and there she was again sitting in the hallway. She is so shy but she's really a people person and so wants attention.. Anyway - eventually, with a little encouraging she came all the way out to the kitchen and had a bite of "extra" food I set down in her main dish. Then she headed back to the bedroom. In the evening, the same thing happened but this time I followed her and got out the catdancer - which she couldn't resist and batted it around. Cleo eventually couldn't stand being alone  in the other room and joined us which was great. Cleo really looked interested in the "moth" flying around but couldn't bring herself to swat at it. But!  Iona caught it several times and in the end was so comfortable that she  walked right up to me and let me pet her! Yea!

2008-05-18 05:20:12 GMT