How's My Kitty?
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Coco & Sweet Betsy, Entry for May 17, 2008
We had another good day today. Both kitties were at the door to say hi - and my plan was today to sit down with them and play for awhile before eating.  Coco soon hurried to the scrating pad and sat down - and Sweet Betsey headed for the post and started scratching happily. So I sat down with them and starting to wave the wands around but nobody was interested! In fact, Betsy just looked and me, turned up her nose in a tiff and walked right out to the kitchen - with Coco  following right behind her. So there I was - sitting alone and very quickly got the hint that FOOD was in order - not toys.  Oh well... what can ya do? So I followed them out and started preparing dinner while they bickered a little between themselves while waiting. I'm not sure who was doing the growling, but it might have been Betsy. Anyway - everybody settled down when I put the plate on the floor and they ate together in peace. While they were eating I went and cleaned their box. I have to really scrape the botton because there's so little litter in it - but I'm happy to report that there are no accidents out of the box so far, so I think I have their prefered litter formula down:) Anyway, when I came back, Coco was sitting happily on the scratching pad grooming herself, but I could not find Sweet Betsy ANYWHERE! I called her name and looked and looked all over the apartment - but she'd totally disappeared! So eventually, I thought well - I'll  just sit down next to Coco and see if Betsy come's back when she hears playtime going on... Once on the floor however, I turned and suddenly saw the little rascal calmly sitting in the top of the baby carriage grooming herself. Ha! It was SO cute! So, I gave her lots of pets and love for being so funny --- and Coco too:)
2008-05-18 05:00:59 GMT