How's My Kitty?
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Ava & Eliza, Entry for May 16-17, 2008

I think I FINALLY have figured out the secret to the key! Yea! You have to kind up push upward on it and turn... I'm SO grateful not to have to stand there for 10 minutes twisting it back and forth anymore. Anyway, Ava & Eliza are doing just fine.  BOTH of them are meeting me at the door this time. They sure had PLENTY of food! lol. They'd stopped eating out of the bowls that had the wet food in them, so I picked them up, did some general tidying up. Both are very happy to get their wet food everyday and I have to be careful to let them eat in peace. If I try to walk past them toward the litter box they'll run away:) But in general they're getting much more used to me and we sit down in the livingroom for petting sessions:) Cheers!

2008-05-17 16:35:04 GMT