How's My Kitty?
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Cleo & Iona, Entry for May 15pm, 2008
Hello there! All went well coming in this afternoon - though I was probably pointing the remote the wrong way or pressing the wrong button - so ended up using the dummy code to shut off the alarm. No problem exiting though.  I didn't have any door greeters today, Iona was hi9ding under the back bed - but Cleo was sitting in the front bedroom watching me curiously. They still had plenty of food left, but I refreshed their bowls anyway and even set out an extra bowl of water for them since they drink a fair amount and I didn't want them to run low overnight. I went in and gave Cleo a few treats and pets, then headed to the back bedroom to chat with Iona. She's so funny. I laid down on the floor and wiggled the cat dancer around which she just loved batting and grabbing for. Even though she's shy, she still wants to play. In the meantime, Cleo came out and went to sit on the front widow sill to get some sun where she enjoyed some more love, pets and a nice brush. So all's well here!
2008-05-16 17:51:47 GMT