How's My Kitty?
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Ava & Eliza, Entry for May 7-9, 2008

Hi there and sorry for the delay! The kitties are doing very well and are happy little door greeters though Ava is the bravest. She follows me straight to the kitchen and watches while I fix lunch while Eliza hangs back a little. Once I put their food down I leave the room - then Eliza will come in to eat.  The great thing is that Eliza is not hiding at all. In fact, she's almost sociable and does follow her sister and I around, but just hangs back a bit. I moved their scratching posts away from the wall which they liked and ran over to scratch on them right away like they were a new toy. Both kitties are eating very well, and finish up a good portion of their wet food daily, but not all. I also have put out extra dry food for them in case I can't get in the condo the next day - because the keys are so "iffy". As mentioned the keys are very difficult to use and it takes several turns and attempts to get the main door open. One key works better than the other, but everyday I feel grateful to get in. I hope we can get some "easier" sets made at some point.

2008-05-10 17:10:17 GMT