How's My Kitty?
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Dewey & Jasmine, Entry for May 9, 2008
The little angels were right there to greet me as always and were very happy for an early dinner. Their little bowls were empty and they dug right in as soon as I set it down. But after they took a few bites they came running over for more pets and attention.  So we all sat down on the floor and everybody got snuggles. After that Dewey helped supervise the cleaning of the litter and then we settled in to watch a little TV. I put my feet up on the ottoman and Dewey jumped right up on my legs and took a nap - occassionally getting up to get a snack and them coming back to snuggle. It was a very relaxing visit and I think the kitties were very happy with the extra time spent.  And Dewey took his pill like a champ as always. Also, no problem extending the kids through Monday morning:) Cheers!
2008-05-10 16:59:12 GMT