How's My Kitty?
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Kailani, Entry for May 9, 2008
Kailani was just as happy as can be to have company this morning as was there to greet me at the door. She wanted lots of pets and attention right away, so I scooped her up in my arms and much to my surprise she put her paws around my neck and gave me hugs! Sooo cute! What a cuddy bunny she's become! Then we walked around and checked out her food and water.  It took me a little while to find the fridge though.. I kept scratching my head wondering where it could be! lol. But! We did finally find the pantry and all was well. She'd finished up a good portion, about 3/4th of her dry food so I made sure to pull it down and fill it up again and refilled her water bowl in the other room. I also set down a second water bowl next to her food just for good measure.  While I was doing these chores, she was so funny rubbing happily up against the door stop. After that, we had a little exercise chasing toys up and down the hall. She much prefered the yellow ball above the others. When I left, I made sure to put the bar bell back against the door. In the evening we chased toys and she had a nice brush out. I really love that brush and so does she. I feel like I'm grooming a horse. lol. Hope all's well with you guys too! Cheers!
2008-05-10 16:51:35 GMT