How's My Kitty?
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SNOWBELL & PATCHES, Entry for April 28, 2008
That little Patches is just the cutest thing! Kittens are so much fun.  When I came in today,  no one greeted me right away and I assumed it was nap time and called to wake everybody up.  Soon sleepy-eyed Patches appeared on cue to say hello. As soon as she saw me, she flopped right down on the floor and started rolling around begging for tummy rubs again.:) and let me pick her up and carry her to the bed to check on Snowbell. Snowbell was still ensconced in the same spot - in front of yesterday's empty food plate - and didn't make a fuss when I reached in to remove it. So we know at least she's eating well. Not to mention the litter box was well used..... Though I think it's Patches who's having a field day scratching the sand everywhere. I swear there wasn't a speck of sand on the floor when I left yesterday - and now today it looks as if I haven't been there in a week! Anyway - I brought my lunch today and while it was microwaving, I served up the kids lunches - putting Snowbell's back under the bed and let Patches eat on the counter at her relentless insistence :) Then we watched part of an interesting movie - "A Good Woman" (?) and ended our visit with another sweeping and scrubbing of their bathroom area- which probably stayed clean for about an hour after I left?) Ah well... lol. Kittens... gotta luv em!
2008-04-29 15:28:22 GMT