How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for April 28, 2008
Harry was in his closet when I arrived today.  But! Today was his tuna day

and I knew just how to get him out.  I returned in a few minutes armed

with his little bowl of tuna and his brush.  I set his bowl down in

front of the closet and reached in, running the brush under his chin. 

How could he resist?  When he came out for a munch, I gave him a

brushing with one hand and closed the closet door with the other.  I

moved his tuna to his eating area and he followed me to the living room

rug for some more brushing.  I spent most of the visit doing whatever

Harry wanted, which entailed lots of scratchies and brushing punctuated

with occasional trips to the tuna dish.  Harry was better at playing with

the cat dancer today - occasionally lurking by the sofa and running over

to the rug to attack it.  Harry stayed around the whole  visit today and only once checked on the status of the closet door:)  Toward the end of our visit together, I left him to tidy up the litter and re-open his closet door.  We played a bit more and watched a little TV before he made his last trip to his beloved closet.  This was my cue to pack up and leave.  As I went out the door I could see Harry peeking at me from inside his closet.  I wished him a nice nap and told him I would see him tomorrow!
2008-04-29 14:47:37 GMT