How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for April 24-27, 2008

4/24- I was excited to be going to see Harry again after such a long time. 

On my first visit this time, I slipped into the apartment quietly and

closed the closet door first thing.  I found Harry looking up at me

from behind the sofa.  I sat down in the living room for a minute to

see what he would do.  He quietly tip toed across the living room in

the direction of the closet.  When he found it closed he came tiptoeing back.  As he passed the back of the chair, I called to him and extended

my hand toward the back of the chair moving my fingers in a scratching

motion.  He cautiously came toward my hand and accepted some scratchies under the chin and behind the ears.  He pushed into my hand for more and after a few minutes went to check out his food area.  I decided

that this visit would be the first Tuna treat and went to the kitchen

to make it. Harry watched from a distance and after I refreshed his

water and brought the dry food and tuna he immediately went over and

ate some tuna.  I did the litter and opened his beloved closet door

while he ate.  He came back for some more scratchies for a while and a

few swats at his blue feather wand before retiring to his closet.  This

was my clue that he had had enough.  It was a good beginning.

4/25 On my second visit, I managed to enter and shut the closet before he

could make a break for it.  We had another good visit.  Harry was

behind the sofa and I reached over with the brush and brought it up

under his chin.  He got up and moved around behind the sofa and I

brushed him as I backed into the living room.  He followed me to the

rug and rolled around for more.  Harry wasn't too keen on getting his

tummy brushed and we stayed away from that area.  I introduced my cat

dancer toy into the visit and at first Harry was a little nervous.  He

did however grab it with his front paws several times.  He moved away

and came back periodically for more brushing.  Bushing definitely is

his big thing with him.

4/26 Harry was already settled in his closet when I arrived today.  I made

his tuna and brought it to his closet to try to lure him out.  I left

for a minute and he came out for a nibble.  When I came back with the

brush he retired back into his closet.  I reached in and started  brushing him and that dislodged him from his closet.  We moved to the

living room rug for another nice visit with much brushing and tuna


4/27 Today, I found Harry peeking from around the side of the sofa.  He

checked to make sure that I had closed his closet door before coming

back to the living room to get scratchies and to be brushed.  He

accepted my company and stayed in the living room for a long time

today.  He was much more comfortable with the cat dancer and would hang

back and then attack it periodically.  I think that Harry likes the

scratchies and brushing so much because he is lonely and misses his mom

and needs that personal caring.  Harry is such a sweet shy little boy

and I am honored that he has chosen to interact with me.

2008-04-28 16:57:33 GMT