How's My Kitty?
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Snowbell & Patches, Entry for April 27, 2008

Well.. your little sweetie Patches was right at the door when I finally figured out how to navigate from the parking structure to your condo. Whew! Anyway - she was instantly so happy for company and started rolling all around on the floor hoping for tummy rubs which of course I indulged her in asap:) After that I picked her up and we headed into the bedroom to make sure Snowbell was doing ok - which she was - tho hiding under the bed as before.  Then we headed into the kitchen and Patches hoped up on the counter to help me prepare lunch. I took a plate into Snowbell and slid it under the bed for her - with the hope of making friends. She seemed to appreciate it. Then Patches and I did a little tidying up in the litter area - and refilled the dry food and water.  When I was filling the water bowl in the bathroom, she hoped up on the top shelf to watch and act as cute as she could. Kittens are the best:)

2008-04-28 16:38:44 GMT