How's My Kitty?
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LOLA H., Entry for April 19, 2008
Hi Mom!! I totally forgot about Lola's blogs - so sorry. But she's doing great and has had her pedicure. It took (2) technicians because she's very against the idea. When we both came in, she took off and hid way under the bed but we were able to encourage her to come out slowly in my direction with a little help from the broom - and as soon as she peeked her head out from underneath I scooped her up.  She was very wiggly the whole time and almost got away a couple times. Fortunately, Armando is extremely fast and accurate with the clippers and it was over before she knew it.  She eating very well and has been happy and playful with just one of us in the apt. at a time:)
2008-04-20 15:43:26 GMT