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WARICK & CACTUS, Entry for April 19, 2008

All continues to be well in Warick & Cactus Kingdom. My door-greeters were right there and were right under my feet as usual this morning all the way to the kitchen where each took up their respective spots - Warick on the kitchen counter and Cactus on the island.  I'm afraid they have me trained and I have to feed them where they want. For instance, if I don't let Cactus eat on the island and put the food on the floor - he just walks away disgusted and won't eat at all. I'm sure he knows how frustrated that makes me! and does it deliberately:) If I put Warick on the floor he'll just go eat Cactus' food instead. lol.. So, I do as I am told. They only eat about half the food from there though.. and then I can set it down on the floor where it should be.  There was a bit of poop on the floor next to the box today - and I'm cleaning the box 2x day - so I'm not sure why.. In the evening I brought my dinner and we dined together in front of the TV with Warick on my lap and Cactus rubbing up against my legs. Then a bit of play with the balls and nite nite kisses:)

2008-04-20 15:31:23 GMT