How's My Kitty?
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ORION, Entry for April 19, 2008
Orion was doing well today.  When I arrived this morning he was

peeking around the kitchen counter.  He has done this in the morning

occasionally.  He sits up in a formal manor in the living room facing

the door but exactly half concealed by the the kitchen counter.  He

sprang into action as soon as I  reached the kitchen, ready to keep me

on my toes when I dished out the wet food.  After a quick taste test he

plopped down on the living room floor and looked over his shoulder to

me.  This is my cue to join him with a toy, the brush and the laser for

an extended roll, brush, and romp around the living room floor.  He

likes to roll just a little out of reach so that I have to scoot after

him.  We must look like two inch worms moving across the living room. 

After he figured that I had had enough exercise, he stopped to groom

himself for a few minutes.  After the litter we played some more and

watched a little TV together on the floor before it was time for me to

go. PM- Orion met me at the door and walked me to the kitchen.  As I got closer to the kitchen I noticed a fishing rod positioned parallel to the

counter pointing in to the sink.  Then I noticed the nylon line

extending straight to the dry food dish, ending in an extra mouse

garnish in the dry food bowl.  How cute is that?  He got some extra

scratchies and praise for his effort.  I of course reeled in the mouse

garnish and we fell into our usual routine.  After inching around the

floor for a while during which time Orion received his tummy scratchies

while kneading the air and wrestled with the brush, we ended the play

session with some laser play. We chilled out for a while and watched

some of King Kong on TV together on the floor, alternating with some

more tummy rubs. When I left this evening Orion was contentedly

grooming himself on the living room rug.
2008-04-20 15:22:07 GMT