How's My Kitty?
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ORION, Entry for April 19, 2008

It was great to see my little friend Orion again.  He met me at the

door and escorted me to the kitchen.  I had to keep the paper bowl

moving around to keep his head from getting in the way of my adding his food.  I removed his cute little green mouse garnish, topped off his

dry food bowl and carefully placed his beloved mouse back on top and

refreshed his water.  All was well again in the kitchen.  After Orion

ate a little we rolled around on the floor together for some tummy

scratches and some brushing alternating with some play with the laser

and his little wand with the streamers and the bell.  I was able to

break away to do the litter when Orion felt after some brushing that it

was necessary to conduct some personal grooming,  then it was back to

more rolling around on the floor.  We watched a little Dr. Who and

eventually it was time to go.  I said good bye to Orion and assured him

that I would return in the morning.  I looked back as I opened the

door to find him sitting up at the other end of the hall quietly

watching me leave.

2008-04-19 14:39:31 GMT