How's My Kitty?
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Hoodini & Oona, Entry for April 14, 2008

Hi there! The kitties are still doing just fine and both were standing at the end of the hall waiting to see who was coming through the door when I arrived. Of course, Oona headed straight to the closet as soon as I said "Goodmorning" and Hoodini walked over to say hello and get his scratchies and pets. I served up treats and breakfast - but Oona as usual waits until I go into the other room to come out and eat. Hoodini, on the other hand is a glutten for attention and after the chores were done we headed to the livingroom for playtime. He's mostly enjoying running after the toys I toss around and getting brushed:) Hope all's well with you two!

2008-04-15 15:17:36 GMT